Thursday, September 2, 2010

We made it!

The baby can come anytime now!  It is safe.  She will be able to breath all by herself without assistance!  Whan an accomplishment for her!  I'm hoping she comes sooner rather than later...  Trevor is taking time off starting Oct. 1st, and we really dont want him sitting home with no baby!  He had a chat with her this morning and told her to come out today!  I told her to stay in a little longer because I have a very messy house (we cleaned out the garage and brought everything inside that needed to be...I just have to finish unpacking it all), I need to find the connector to fill the birth pool, and we have some tinctures to get yet (Trevor's only hesitation about a home birth was that he wouldn't have access to his I did some research and found some herbs that will do the same things as his drugs will do...stop excessive bleeding, etc.).  Last night I had lots of Braxton Hicks... four of them in about twenty minutes, then the peetered out and this morning I'm still having them once in a while....  So I think we're getting close!!!  I'm guessing three weeks.  She is still up pretty high, needs to rotate a little to the right as she is still in LOP position.

Today we are going to pick out a birthday outfit for her.  I have an outfit that, if it fits (it is for up to 3 months), will work really nice if SHE is actually a HE.  :)  But we dont have anything that looks like girl.  And since Trevor is being so agreeable today (he put a hualt to my baby clothes buying about 3 weeks ago), I figured today is as good a day as any.  Maybe I can talk him into a back up boy outfit in a smaller size!

I'll update tomorrow with some bump pictures!  Have a great day!

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  1. A home birth!! WOW i don't know wheather to call you crazy or a hero! :-) Who all is going to be at the birthing? Are you going to have a midwife with you? The reason i ask is becuase i have an aunt who lives right outside of springfield who was a midwife for years...i could see if she's availiable for you. Details details i wanna hang out to hear! Miss you guys!
    Love n hugs!