Wednesday, November 10, 2010

0-6 Weeks

 Love the non-pink outift!  There just aren't enough girly outfits that aren't pink!

 She loves the brown side of this blanket!
 Ready to go!
~ Daddy's favorite picture~
 She was screaming while I was trying to make dinner, so I turned on the vacuum.  I think she was mad at it for making her stop crying!  :)
 "Daddy has the NumNums now????  I'm so confused!"  She actually took the bottle from him with me in the room!  Good Job Kamrynn!!!
 First smile caught on camera!
 She likes her showers...I think better than the baths!
 Starting early on the sailing!

 I'm almost always happy in the mornings!
 Trick or Treat?  Smell my feet.  Give me something good to eat!
Shooting the Bad Guys with Daddy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010