Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kamrynn's Birth

The last few months of my pregnancy, Braxton Hicks Contractions were a regular occurrence. My abdomen would tighten for about a minute. Most of these occurred while I was doing something, and would subside if I stopped doing whatever I had been doing. I also had several each night.

At 40 weeks 4 days, on Monday, September 27th, I woke with slightly uncomfortable Braxton Hicks’. I got out of bed around 4:30 for my second bathroom trip of the morning. Before I was able to fall back to sleep I had an “upset tummy” feeling in my throat, then the baby started moving around like crazy, my back started aching and my whole tummy got tight and achy. This continued every 20-25 minutes. They progressively got closer together, and eventually I started timing them with the computer. They were randomly anywhere between 35 to 60 seconds long and 4 to 8.5 minutes apart. They never got consistent or developed any sort of pattern, and I didn’t feel any after 3:30pm. For dinner, I loaded the spaghetti up with basil. We went for a long walk. I swung on the swings at the park. We made love. All things to help get labor started!

Tuesday, September 28th, I got out of bed at 2:03 am for my usual trip to the bathroom. As I stood up my legs collapsed beneath me and I had horrible back and hip pain. Trevor helped me up off the floor, and held me up until the pain stopped because I could not move. Eventually I was able to make it to the bathroom where I noticed I was losing my mucous plug and I knew I was in labor. I had several more contractions in the bathroom, hoping my water would break over the toilet (with such intense contractions, I thought the baby would be coming quick!). No such luck. Eventually I went back to bed, but lying down was too uncomfortable. Trevor filled the bath tub up and I sat in it sideways and pushed my back against the side of the tub during contractions. Nothing seemed to help. I tried to relax, but the contractions felt the same as when I was tense. While I sat in the tub, adding hot water, Trevor got the living room ready and set up and began filling the pool. I realized me adding hot water to the bath tub was taking hot water away from the pool and finally got out of the tub and went and sat in the pool. I requested all hot water and directed it at my back during contractions. The sting from the hot water helped me focus on my skin rather than the back and hip pain. All too soon, there wasn’t enough hot water and we had to wait for the hot water heater to catch up. I would just fall asleep only to be woke up by another contraction.

Around 6am Trevor told me to “shush” as he was afraid the neighbors would hear and call the cops because he was murdering me! HAHA! I didn’t find it funny at the time, though, and very sternly told him NOT to tell me to Shush! Around 8 am, Trevor decided he couldn’t take watching me be in so much pain and started talking about going to the hospital for an epidural. A couple weeks earlier, I had made him promise not to let me go to the hospital because it hurt, and here he was encouraging me to go because he couldn’t do it. At this point I began to seriously consider it with every contraction, then after it was over I was fine and didn’t want to go. Around 8:30 we left. Traffic was horrible and we tried to take the back roads. It took us almost an hour to get there.

Around 11:30 I finally got the epidural. It was SO much better. I could still feel the contractions and a mild ache, but nothing like before. Unfortunately, with an epidural you cannot eat or drink and I was STARVING and incredibly thirsty. I chowed down on the ice chips and still managed to get sick several times. I knew by going to the hospital, I would no longer have a birth free of interventions.

The first slide down that slippery slope was the epidural. There are numerous risks involved with getting an epidural, but with the pain I was feeling with each contraction, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was repeatedly checked for dilation and my bladder emptied, greatly increasing my risk for infection. Late in the evening the doctor started talking about c-sections. When we first met her, she said she only does them as a very last resort and to not worry about it. Then all of a sudden she decided that was a possibility. One of the risks associated with an epidural is a prolonged labor. The longer you are in labor, the more tired your uterus becomes. A tired uterus cannot effectively push a baby out, and is more likely to hemorrhage. I agreed to have my water broke in hopes of bringing the baby down. Thankfully, there was no cord prolapse, a risk involved with artificially rupturing the membranes. There was still no change and we decided to allow the smallest dose of Pitocin (another risk involved with epidurals). Along with the Pitocin comes an internal monitor to make sure my uterus is responding to the Pitocin. Not long after, the doctor told me I had a fever (in Celsius) and recommended antibiotics as it was likely the baby also had an infection. - - I did not know at the time that fever is a side effect of the epidural as it diminishes my body’s ability to sweat, making it harder to dissipate excess heat. - - I allowed the antibiotics and shortly after I felt the baby move and felt pressure to push.

I was asked if I had thought about any pushing positions and I told them I had planned to just go with what felt right. I pushed for two hours, on my back – the most convenient position for the doctor. Several times I asked to sit up and was ignored. The baby kept pushing its feet up over my ribs each time I pushed. The doctor thought this meant it was stuck and had Trevor push up on my back during contractions. They put a mirror up, and finally I was able to see the baby’s head. Ever so slowly we watched the baby get closer and closer.

Finally the head was out at the end of a three push contraction. I wanted to push the body out with the next contraction, but the doctor pulled her from me. I’m still irritated with the doctor over this. She was laid on my chest, and rubbed with the roughest receiving blanket I have ever felt. As she was handed to me, Trevor had seen that she was a girl and was speechless with disbelief. We were told her APGARS were 9 and 9 (Excellent). She was born at 10:03pm. I held her and told her it was ok, that she didn’t have to cry. We told her we loved her. Trevor cut the cord. The placenta came out in a big goosh, startling me. I received six stitches. She cried the entire time. Finally her daddy took her and calmed her down. Everything was so surreal and was happening so fast. She was finally here.

A nurse wiped her down, weighed and measured her, swaddled her and put a hat on. She weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 21 inches long. She met her grandparents and aunt. After her visitors left, she was given a bath while I was helped to the restroom. I got sick, felt dizzy and my vision went wacko on me and I had to go back in the bed and lay flat. Her daddy supervised her first bath. Then she went to the NICU for half an hour with daddy trailing behind to have blood drawn for a culture (to find out if she had an infection), and have an IV put in and start antibiotics. When she finally came back I was able to sit up without feeling faint and we were moved to our postpartum room.

Trevor had come down with a cold, and went home after we were settled to try to get some sleep. It was after 3am. We had been up for over 24 hours. Something Trevor is used to, but not me. I was incredibly tired and but wide awake at the same time. I was afraid to hold her for fear of falling asleep and dropping her, so she spent the night alone in the bassinet next to my bed. We were disturbed several times for IV flushes and blood pressure checks, and I got almost zero sleep. Finally around 8am I was told how to order food.

A new OB came in, told me I had not had a fever and took me off the antibiotics and released me to go home. We had to wait for the pediatrician to come in. She decided that I had had a fever and refused to release the baby until the culture came back showing no infection. This irritated me. If I had indeed had a fever that indicated infection, I would not have been taken off my antibiotics. Infections in hospitals are very serious. The pediatrician convinced me that she was very bruised up and needed a Vitamin K injection. I requested Oral Vitamin K, but she was still given the injection as the pediatrician was convinced that the oral version doesn’t work. Finally I talked her into letting us move to pediatrics, and go home the next morning. After the pediatrician left, a nurse came in and I asked her if she thought the baby was bruised. She didn’t think so at all. This irritated me further. We were finally released to move to pediatrics at 8 that night. We gave her a first name right before we were moved - Kamrynn. In pediatrics, Kamrynn could receive her un-needed antibiotics in-room rather than being taken to the NICU.

We were finally released at noon the following day after Kamrynn’s last round of antibiotics and the culture came back negative for infection. She had never needed the antibiotics. Trevor dressed Kamrynn and loaded her in her car seat and we finally went home. That evening we gave her a middle name - Kay. Her daddy called the hospital to let them know her name and make it official.

Kamrynn is growing like a weed. She weighed over her birth weight at her one week check up. Breastfeeding is now going well, she has never had any formula – which is a huge goal for me through the first year. She sleeps well at night. Tolerates traveling, sleeping away from home, and having a lot of people hold her, like a champ. She got through her first cold, at two weeks, without any medication. At her two month check-up, she weighed 12 pounds ½ ounce (77th percentile) and was 24 ¼ inches long (97th percentile). After much consideration, we declined the two month shots and are dedicated to keeping her away from sick people for the first two years of her life (at which time she is no more at risk than those who are vaccinated).

Kamrynn is now 2 ½ months old, and this is the first time I have been able to reflect on her birth without crying. . I was so insistent I was not going to the hospital unless it was an emergency, that I did not fully understand the risks associated with each intervention, and was not able to make fully informed decisions… I could only proceed based on what the doctors were telling me. I did not fully trust doctors before this experience, and they did nothing to improve that. I must trust in myself and my ability to make decisions. I have decided I need to learn from this experience so I can better stand up for the next baby if we should be so blessed. I pray that future children will have a more peaceful entrance into this world.

  Trevor tickling my feet.  Lucky for him I couldn't feel it!

  Happy Daddy!

  She's Perfect.

  Stop Bothering Me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

0-6 Weeks

 Love the non-pink outift!  There just aren't enough girly outfits that aren't pink!

 She loves the brown side of this blanket!
 Ready to go!
~ Daddy's favorite picture~
 She was screaming while I was trying to make dinner, so I turned on the vacuum.  I think she was mad at it for making her stop crying!  :)
 "Daddy has the NumNums now????  I'm so confused!"  She actually took the bottle from him with me in the room!  Good Job Kamrynn!!!
 First smile caught on camera!
 She likes her showers...I think better than the baths!
 Starting early on the sailing!

 I'm almost always happy in the mornings!
 Trick or Treat?  Smell my feet.  Give me something good to eat!
Shooting the Bad Guys with Daddy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Starved Fish

I had several things on my To Do list for yesterday.  I needed to pay bills and get them in the mail, wash the diapers, fold the ever growing pile of clean clothes (I manage to do the laundry with one hand, but folding is annother story), buy groceries, return some things to Target, Feed Trevor's Fish, Write Thank You Notes, Figure out health insurance for Kamrynn, and get gas for Daddy.  I had no help in any of this as daddy was at work.

Here is what happend instead:  I ate a sandwich while Kamrynn screamed in her swing.  Fed Kamrynn, then changed her, then changed her a second time because she wasn't finished when I changed her the first time, put her in her carseat, went to the bathroom while she screamed some more in her carseat, lugged the carseat around the house to keep her quiet while I hunted down my grocery list...found the grocery list in my coat pocket!  Installed the carseat in the 4-runner without the base while Kamrynn screamed at the top of her lungs...I was just about to take her out when she finally calmed down (I was beginning to think she was being pinched or something).  Finally we were off.  We arrive at Target, and rather than dealing with installing the carseat after we were finished, I just took Kamrynn out.  That's when I discovered she had been crying because she had a poopy diaper.  We changed the diaper in the back of the 4-runner... slanted leather seats are not conducive to diaper changes!  We exchanged our items for a baby carier, and off to get the Car from Trevor's work to go put gas in it.  Paid $3.15 for gas, and Kamrynn cried every time the car stopped moving.  Took the car back to Trevor and Kamrynn decided she was hungry.  She took her sweet time eating (falling asleep almost instantly)and even longer burping (we got one small burp out of her).  I changed annother dirty diaper, but got smart this time and opened the very back of the 4-runner where it is flat. While putting her in her seat, she spit up, and I took her out and wipped her off... I just had a spare onsie and didn't want her legs to get cold getting groceries in the carrier so I left her in a stinky outfit.  Finally we were off to get groceries!

Getting groceries was the easiest part of the entire trip!  Kamrynn LOVES the carrier and fell asleep almost as soon as I put her in it.  She cooed a couple times, but other than that I did not hear a peep out of her!  I did find it too difficult to carry the groceries inside with her and she screamed in her swing every time I went outside to get annother bag.  Thankfully daddy came home and helped with the last one! 

Kamrynn ate dinner while we ate a pizza, and actually went to bed at a decent time last night.  The fish starved.  The rest of my list has been added to today's To Do list, and now Kamrynn is hungry.  Bye for now!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


8lbs 7oz, 21" long
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @ 10:03pm

Getting ready to go home!

 I love my daddy....

What we did once we got home: 

Friday, September 24, 2010


We're at 40+1weeks today!  One week from today and half of US babies have been born by then (those who are healthy, and mother's aren't induced by impatient doctors).  One week, six days from today, and half of babies world wide have been born by then.    Three weeks from today and the vast majority of all first, singleton, babies have been born by then (not sure if that is world wide, or just for the US).  I really thought our baby would have been here shortly after it was safe for her to come out at 37 weeks (considering she has a very impatient father who wants everything NOW), but it looks like that's not going to happen.

I have only two things left to do before I am as ready for her as I'm going to be....  I need to steralize the receiving blankets, and clean out the car and figure out how to get the carseat installed so Trevor cant come along and move it more than the 2" it is allowed to move!  Oh, and I also need to pick the house up once more....  It stays clean all four days that Trevor works, but for some reason, by Thursday nights it is a disaster!  I wonder why that is....  :)

We watched the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD the other day.  Pretty much, the steps to quieting a baby are:  1)Swaddle 2)On the side 3) Jiggle 4)Shhhhhhhhhhhh 5) Uh oh...I forgot!  Guess I'll have to look that one up!  I also looked into the Dunstan Baby Language.  Apparently babies tell us exactly what they need when they cry:  A hungry cry sounds like NEH; Tired is OWH; needing to burp is EH; having gas is EAIRH; and just uncomfy is HEH.  I am beginning to be able to distingush between some of them when I listen to them on YouTube, so hopefully I'll be able to tell what the baby needs without too much frustration!  Trevor thinks our baby wont make the same noises, but we'll see!

Here's some pictures for you!

 Sucking my tummy in!  Cant do that for very long so Trevor has to be quick taking the picture!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I finally got around to checking my email this evening.  I had one email and a bunch of junk and some forwards.  The email was from my sister telling me how bored she is and that I need to update daily what the baby has been up to.  Soooooo.......

We have a 20+ year old Full sized bed that we've been sleeping on and will continue to until we've purchased a house.  We've already picked out the bed we'll be getting.  It cost $3000.  Quite a sizeable chunk of money.  Money we'd like in our savings account until after the purchase of a house and anticipated repairs are made.  So, until then, we squish ourselves.  I've been sleeping ON TOP of pillows.  I call it my belly nest.  :)  Some nights, if I dont get the pillows situated quite right, I toss and turn all night and wake up with a sore upper back.  This happend one too many times and I decided we were getting a mattress topper.  I thought I remembered Bed, Bath & Beyond having Temperpedic mattress toppers for about $100.  Having just moved to the city, we dont know where one is, so we punch it into the handy dandy GPS.  There are two that come up.  One is 8 miles (about 30 minutes) and the other is 180 miles away.  We select the 8 mile one and off we go.  The highway is backed up, and we end up taking side streets.  Finally arriving at our destination, we go in search of the bedding section.  Of course, we walk the wrong way around the store!  The mattress toppers are Therapedic and cost abou $200 for a FULL.  The TWINS are cheaper though... only $180!  I decide I'll just do a better job arranging my belly nest every night....  Knowing my luck, we'd buy the $200 topper, get it home and on the bed and have the baby before we even crawled in for the night!  How many more nights will she stay in there now?  Well, I'm afraid several more weeks!  Grrr....

Yesterday was the third Thursday of the month, and there was supposed to be a Carseat Inspection at the Jeep dealership.  I found them off a national website, searched by state and city.  We find the dealership, and apparently they haven't done them in years...and then they were put on by the police department.  We're told to just go to a firestation.  I'm skeptical of this, as Trevor is a firefighter and is not certified to inspect carseats, nor does he know any who are!  So, we have a baby comming soon, and between the two of us cant seem to get it snuggly installed in my car.  I thought I had it installed, but when Trevor tested it, it moved around alot more than 2 inches!  So much for LATCH!  Or maybe Trevor is just too strong for our own sanity?  :)

Baby:  On to the more interesting information (notice I saved this for last so you'd have to read about our adventures from yesterday?).  Baby was very active yesterday, and is taking a rest today.  She is still in LOP, and actually had herself turned completely Posterior the other day.  She needs to be Anterior for birth.  I have had no signs or symptoms that she'll be born anytime in the next two weeks, unless you want to count our uninstalled carseat and that the water will be shut off for most of the day Tuesday while the city repairs the water main.  If I were betting, I think I'd have to agree with Trevor's guess of when the baby will be born.  Tuesday.  While we have no water to fill the pool.  While we have no water to bathe.  While we have no water to do laundry.    She'll either come Tuesday.  While we have NO WATER!  Or in three weeks.  :(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Statistics

If you would like to participate in the baby game, please follow this link:  http://www.expectnet.com/games/NewBaby1

If it does not work, you can copy and paste it into your browser.  Our baby game is: Newbaby1

Please do this soon, as I am hoping to be able to lock the game sometime in the near future... I'm sooooooo ready for this baby to be here!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anniversary Celebration:  We celebrated our anniversary yesterday.  I cant believe it has been a year already!  We spent the majority of our honeymoon in Cannon Beach.  We stayed at this little Inn for several days and fell IN LOVE with the town.  I would love to have a home there, right on the beach so I could look out and see the ocean every day, as well as catch the probably not so occasional storm!  Back to the anniversary:  Trevor had to work on our actual anniversary, so we had decided to celebrate Tuesday instead (Trevor's 1st of three days off).  Unfortunately, the forecast was for rain.  As was Wednesdays.  But NOT Thursday!  So off we went to Cannon Beach... we did get rained on on the way over, but not too much.  The beach was cloudy and warm.  We walked all the way down to the most photographed rock (in probably all of the world!), on the beach, then back through town after we enjoyed a nice lunch/dinner at Doogers (we had eaten here while on our honeymoon - they even seated us in the same seat!).  Trevor had the Admirals Platter - a sort of seafood sampler, and I had the Alfredo Linguine with Shrimp.  Really Yummy! 

Sweet Dreams, Little One:  During one of the downpours we experienced on Tuesday, Trevor decided it was time to put the bassinet together.  Please excuse the mess in the background... as you can see I still have unpacking to do!

  Here is the finished product in it's new home.  Still waiting for the changing pad to arrive, which will go on top of the dresser.
The Bump:   38 Weeks - Come out soon please!