Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kamrynn Update: 10 Months, Part 2

In my last post, I forgot to write about all the things Kamrynn can do! 

She can:

  • Find the correct hole in the "shape ball" for the shape in her hand.  She tries to put the shape in, but cant get it lined up quite yet.
  • Stand up all by herself, with nothing to hang on to.
  • Squat down and pick up HEAVY objects and stand back up.
  • Kick the ball.
  • Go underwater with out sputtering when she comes back up.
  • Say: Mama, Dada, Papa, Nana, Babababab (whatever that means, but it is the favorite word), and Up (for Tub)
  • Find me if I hide from her (hide & go seek is a favorite game!)
  • Chew her food with her mouth closed!
  • Go up and down stairs safely (she slides down on her bottom with minimal help)
  • Follow simple directions
  • Go as much as 40 hours and only potty in her diaper 4 times (this has happend once, the day I finished 6 new diapers for her... she made me think I should have made Trainers instead of diapers because she's getting pretty good about going in the potty again, but the next day she only pottied in the potty twice and I had to clean out 3 poopy diapers... not my favorite chore!)
  • Sleep from 8:30-ish to 7:30-ish waking around 4 and 6 (huge improvement from 2 months ago)
  • Cruise the furniture a little
  • Walk hanging on to one finger
  • Climb out of our bed without falling (she rolls to her tummy and very, very, very, slowly slides off onto her feet)
That's all I can think of right now!  More next month I'm sure... maybe even some walking!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kamrynn Update: 10mos

I dont usually write updates every month, but Kamrynn has mastered so many new things, I'd have too much to write at 12months!

Not sure on the weight or length, but I know she's close to 32" because we need a new carseat ASAP.  We're dangerously close to the 1" mark!  The carseat we wanted was the Safety 1st Complete Air.  Same type as her infant seat (with the airbags for her noggin), but a Convertable.  We will do extended Rear Facing, so we wanted a seat that has the tallest RF limit.  This is THE seat.  It's reasonably priced at just over $150, so we could eventually get one for each vehicle.  Unfortunately, it does NOT fit in my car.  Well, it does fit, but no one could drive or ride in the passenger seat!  So, our next choice is the Britax something or other.  I dont like how hard the location her head would be hitting in a crash is, but it has other safe aspects, like in a crash in lowers the center of gravity, and it is reinforced with steel rather than plastic.  It is over $300, so we'd be switching it between the two cars.  I'm not buying 2 $300 carseats!

Kamrynn has been keeping me busy!  She knows quite a few signs, but still isn't "requesting" yet, she only signs after I sign asking if that is what she wants.  She's also gotten really lazy with her signs.  For example, "potty" has become shaking her hands up and down further and faster than "bye bye."  "No More" or "All Done" is also the same sign.  "More" is still clapping her hands...she's never put her fingertips together.  She can sign "Dad" but not "Mom."  Just today she kinda signed "banana," one we've been working on for over a week!  Sometimes I just have to go through the list until I find the right one.  I do think she understands language pretty well.  She will sit down when asked, if she wants to.  She understands and obeys when I tell her not to touch something, if she wants to, and until I look away.  She knows what the bath is.

She got really fussy around 7pm one night.  She didn't want to nurse, wasn't thirsty, didn't need changed or have to go potty.  Finally I asked her if she was just ready for her bath.  She took off at "head down" crawl speed towards the bathroom!  (Kamrynn has two crawl speeds, Head Up, and Head Down.  Head up is slow, Head Down is FAST!)

Not much new on the eating.  We haven't tried any new foods....  We've had tacos a couple times and she takes bites out if mine.  I hold it for her and she bites down and gives her head a little shake, effectively taking a "bite."  She does the same thing when eating bananas now.  She takes the biggest bites I've ever seen.  Probably about the size Trevor takes!  She manages to chew it all up and swallow without losing any, even though there's so much in there she cant keep her lips closed!

Ok, past my bedtime!  Kamrynn has been grumpy the past few days and I need my sleep...  The neighbor got a drumset and has been playing ALL DAY.  I take that back.  Not playing.  Randomly beating on the drums!  Cant hear it outside, only in our bedroom.  One more day, and I'm going to go not-so-randomly beating on doors!  ;)