Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kamrynn Update: 8 months

Wrote this about 3 weeks ago....  meant to write more but Kamrynn has been keeping me too buys!

My sister has drawn it to my attention that I haven't posted anything on Kamrynn in almost two whole months!  Well, here's what she has been up to (I'll post pictures later):

I'm guess she weights about 18lbs, and I'll have to measure her.  I do know that she now fits reasonably well into her 12 month clothes and I actually got to go shopping for her, which is really fun, especially because now I get to dress her in clothes that aren't HOT PINK!

Kamrynn loves to eat.  She slurps up spaghetti and screaches when I dont give her a refill fast enough....  New foods she likes are:  Pad Thai, burritos, egg whites (even starting to eat them without ketchup), cottage cheese (although this has been limited), Pasta Salad, brocoli, mushrooms, French Toast (without the syrup Briana!), tangerines, blueberries, Kashi, Strawberries (more screaching when I dont give them to her fast enough)