Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Productive

We got back late last night from Trevor's Family's Reunion, and I wasn't sure if I was going to get up when Trevor did or not.  But, when his alarm went off at 6:06am (I know, weird time!), I was hungry.  So, out of bed, and into the kitchen I went.  I fixed Trevor his lunch while breakfast was cooking, then after he left, I sat down at my computer to get some baby stuff ordered.  This was my top priority for the day, as it is almost time when she could arrive and be OK, and all I have is the carseat, diapers, and some clothes.

I proceeded to check my email, then facebook, then my blog and my email once more (for some reason I have to do these things, in that order, before I can get anything done).  This took about 45 minutes as I had some emails I responded to, and a bunch of junk mail to mark as spam!  Then it was off to the shower with me... I know.... I sat at the computer to order baby stuff, and what do I end up doing....  Anyway, in the process of dressing for the day, I realized I didn't have any clothes to wear, so I donned some sweat pants and began sorting laundry, thinking that multitasking was good and I could order the baby stuff while the clothes washed.

The third load is in the wash now, and I successfully contained myself to the computer chair and have ordered the Breast Pump, Nursing Pads (these supposedly really cool ones called Lily Padz, they have great reviews, so we'll see how they work out!), some nipple cream (just-in-case), as well as the Co-Sleeper.  The Co-Sleeper is similar to a bassinet, but it has a side that folds down to provide easy access to the baby without getting out of bed... meaning I get to sleep more!  She'll stay in it up to 23lbs or whenever she can pull herself up...then will move to a crib.  It is also on wheels so I can wheel her around without disturbing her while I get things done (ie: shower, make food, etc.).  AND I almost forgot about the scale I ordered.  It is digital and acurate to 1/2 an ounce!  I figure Trevor will get good use out of it weighing his fish he catches (AFTER we use it to weigh the baby of course!).  ;)  Remaining items to get are the Snap N Go: a stroller frame so we dont have to lug around a regular stroller in the back of the car (we'll save the regular one for walks), changing pad and covers (which I think I'll make), baby toiletries (wash, lotion, diaper rash cream, a wipes dispenser), as well as some breast milk storage bags.  I also need to order the birth pool, some emergency cord clamps (just incase the cord needs cut) and herb tinctures (incase of excessive bleeding because eating the placenta just grosses me out) which I think I should be able to find locally.

Now that I have eaten my lunch (while writing this...gotta love multi tasking), I need to head out to the garage with some empty boxes (saving them for our next move), and bring in some more to unpack.... gotta love moving!  Then figure out what to make for dinner...  I'm thinking some BBQ chicken - or should I do fish??? -  cob corn, and either a baked potato (which would require me to make some ranch) or some herbed pasta... leaning towards the pasta, even though it would take longer to make than the ranch!  haha.

To ensure you have a great afternoon, I'll leave you will some Bump Pictures!


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