Friday, April 1, 2011

Kamrynn Update: 6 Months

Back from the pediatrician yesterday.  We just saw the Nurse Practitioner, usually we see the Physician's Assistant whom I really like.  She holds Kamrynn and talks to her, and hugs on her and cuddles her.  This woman didn't.  Kamrynn didn't seem to care, until the actual doctor came in and double checked her ears...then she cried.  I dont think she likes him!  :(  She's been pulling on her hears alot, so we wanted to make sure they weren't bothering her....  The NP said usually they dont find their ears until closer to 9 months but didn't say much when I said she'd been pulling at them since 3.5months.  Maybe she just likes her ears better than her hands, which she only studied for a day!

Kamrynn has only gained a pound since the last appointment, dropping her down to the 60th percentile for weight (she was at th 87th I beleive).  She weighed in at 16lbs 8.2oz, so she hasn't quite doubled her birth weight yet... something they told me she'd do around 3-4months, but she was way above average when she was born, so I didn't expect her to do that.  Anyway, the NP said they dont worry about weight unless they're LOSING weight.  I guess all baby's start to slow down now that they've become more mobile.  She is 27.5inches long and still at the top of the growth chart for height, so it's not like she isn't growing....

Kamrynn is almost crawling.  She can get up on her hands and knees all by herself, but tries to get on her hands and toes more often. 

If she is sitting next to something, she can grab ahold of it and stand herself right up.  The first time she did this was in her bassinet while we were in the shower.  I peeked out of the curtain at her and she was on her way over the edge!  Trevor jumped out real quick and layed her down...  The bassinet went to the garage, where it will patiently wait for the next baby.  She has also stood up in her crib several times... one time falling over and bonking her noggin.... she still has a brownish bruise.

Miss Kamrynn has decided she no longer has time to sit and nurse... so she eats for a couple minutes, then has to sit up and look around, then eat some more...  I allow her to do this three times, then we're finished.  We're also finished if she bites me.  Thankfully she hasn't full on bit me, just little test bites, but I think she's getting the picture.  She has two tiny little teeth that give puppy teeth a run for their money on the sharpness scale! 

Can you see them?  They're in a lot farther now.  She showes them every time she smiles now!
The NP gave her the all clear to eat all foods now (except we're to wait annother month on the Green Beans since she had a reaction to them).  Ofcourse, this means HEALTHY foods... no McDonalds!  She has eaten:  Avocado, Banana, Asparagus, Sweet Peppers (Red, Yellow & Orange), Chicken, Apple, Peas, Oatmeal, and Cream of Wheat.  She's getting pretty good at picking up the flattend peas and putting them in her mouth, and she loves apple so much she'll eat 1/4 of one.  She surprised us with Asparagus and ate nearly two whole sticks...leaving the stingy stuff behind of course! 
She's also starting to get the hang of a sippy cup, but does best with just a regular cup... even holding it and getting a drink all by herself if there isn't too much water making it heavy!

 Yellow Sweet Pepper - LIKE (Above) and Cream of Wheat - DISLIKE (Below)

She has become quite the Busy Body.  She has to explore, touch and taste everything she sees!  If she doesn't get to, so throws little tempertantrums.  She got the picture she cant do it to me though.  I was holding something, and wouldn't let her have it so she started screaming, kicking her feet, shaking her little fists and turned bright red.  I set her down and left the room... she stopped instantly and I came back to a happy smiling faced little girl!  She still give Trevor a hard time though... crying everytime he changes her diaper....even if he sings to her.  Poor Daddy!  But even he agrees, she is starting to become a lot of fun!  We cant wait to see what the next 6 months brings!  She has changed so much this past six months... it's going by so quickly!
Getting into the groceries!