Friday, September 17, 2010


I finally got around to checking my email this evening.  I had one email and a bunch of junk and some forwards.  The email was from my sister telling me how bored she is and that I need to update daily what the baby has been up to.  Soooooo.......

We have a 20+ year old Full sized bed that we've been sleeping on and will continue to until we've purchased a house.  We've already picked out the bed we'll be getting.  It cost $3000.  Quite a sizeable chunk of money.  Money we'd like in our savings account until after the purchase of a house and anticipated repairs are made.  So, until then, we squish ourselves.  I've been sleeping ON TOP of pillows.  I call it my belly nest.  :)  Some nights, if I dont get the pillows situated quite right, I toss and turn all night and wake up with a sore upper back.  This happend one too many times and I decided we were getting a mattress topper.  I thought I remembered Bed, Bath & Beyond having Temperpedic mattress toppers for about $100.  Having just moved to the city, we dont know where one is, so we punch it into the handy dandy GPS.  There are two that come up.  One is 8 miles (about 30 minutes) and the other is 180 miles away.  We select the 8 mile one and off we go.  The highway is backed up, and we end up taking side streets.  Finally arriving at our destination, we go in search of the bedding section.  Of course, we walk the wrong way around the store!  The mattress toppers are Therapedic and cost abou $200 for a FULL.  The TWINS are cheaper though... only $180!  I decide I'll just do a better job arranging my belly nest every night....  Knowing my luck, we'd buy the $200 topper, get it home and on the bed and have the baby before we even crawled in for the night!  How many more nights will she stay in there now?  Well, I'm afraid several more weeks!  Grrr....

Yesterday was the third Thursday of the month, and there was supposed to be a Carseat Inspection at the Jeep dealership.  I found them off a national website, searched by state and city.  We find the dealership, and apparently they haven't done them in years...and then they were put on by the police department.  We're told to just go to a firestation.  I'm skeptical of this, as Trevor is a firefighter and is not certified to inspect carseats, nor does he know any who are!  So, we have a baby comming soon, and between the two of us cant seem to get it snuggly installed in my car.  I thought I had it installed, but when Trevor tested it, it moved around alot more than 2 inches!  So much for LATCH!  Or maybe Trevor is just too strong for our own sanity?  :)

Baby:  On to the more interesting information (notice I saved this for last so you'd have to read about our adventures from yesterday?).  Baby was very active yesterday, and is taking a rest today.  She is still in LOP, and actually had herself turned completely Posterior the other day.  She needs to be Anterior for birth.  I have had no signs or symptoms that she'll be born anytime in the next two weeks, unless you want to count our uninstalled carseat and that the water will be shut off for most of the day Tuesday while the city repairs the water main.  If I were betting, I think I'd have to agree with Trevor's guess of when the baby will be born.  Tuesday.  While we have no water to fill the pool.  While we have no water to bathe.  While we have no water to do laundry.    She'll either come Tuesday.  While we have NO WATER!  Or in three weeks.  :(

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