Thursday, July 29, 2010

32 Weeks!

Baby:  YAY!  We've finally reached the point where we will make efforts to save the baby if she is born early.  Before this point, we didn't feel that she would have a "life" if we attempted to saved her and were successful.  Now, she may or may not be able to breath on her own, but would probably have difficulties and require oxygen as she is just starting to get surfactant in her lungs.  She would probably be able to suck, meaning she could nurse rather than having a feeding tube.  Because her liver is so under developed at this point, she would need to be under special lights to help her body process the Bilirubin (Jaundice) to prevent mental retardation.  She has a minimum of 5 more weeks before she can make her entrance and most likely be OK.  At this time, she weighs over 4lbs and measures about 18 inches.
Moving:  Trevor got a new job in Hillsboro a couple of weeks ago.  He gave over two weeks notice at his current job, and we gave our 30 days notice on our duplex.    He has worked up there three days so far, and I hunted for a place for us to live.  The first two days I had ZERO for luck.  Everywhere was either full and only had 2 bedrooms for super expensive and required a 12 month lease, or had rather expensive 1 bedrooms and charged $50-100/month extra to do anything shorter than a 12 month lease.  Yesterday, however, I widened my search radius to include Beaverton, and found two places with rent in the $600 range and 1 month free if we sign a 12 month lease!  To break the lease, they charge 1.5 times one month's rent, so really, we'd only have to pay an extra $300 or so to move out if we couldn't find someone to take over the lease.  Also, both of these places have pools!  Sunday, I'll show Trevor and let him decide!  We will be moving in the morning of the 7th because Trevor works the following three days in a row, but we dont have to be out of our duplex until the 12th, giving me plenty of time to put the non-essentials in a storage unit and clean so we get our deposit back.

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