Friday, August 20, 2010

Time is Flying

Wow.  I cant beleive we're over halfway through August already and I haven't posted anything.  We just got internet in our new place today.  It is still a mess or I'd take and post some pictures.  It is pretty nice, even Trevor agrees, and he is hard to please... housing-wise atleast!  ;)

We ended up signing a 6 month lease on a one bedroom that comes with a garage.  We're not planning on staying long.... we're ready to buy a house.  Hopefully by the end of our lease agreement, we'll have saved the other half of our house fund (we're anticipating whatever we buy to need immediate repairs...roof, flooring, etc).  Moving was a little crazy.  My poor little car was packed to the brim (suprising how much it can haul) for many trips to Portland.  Thankfully moving expenses are tax deductible, because our gas bill for the month was outrageous.  Our next move we're renting a giant U-Haul and making one trip!

Gotta get some dinner going, but here's a quick update on the baby.
She weighs aprox. 5.5lbs, and is over 20" long (this is average of all babies born at this time, not necessarily OUR baby).  She's just sitting in there developing her brain and lungs and putting on the ounces!  Her favorite thing to do is get up under my ribs and make it so I can hardly breath.  Her second favorite thing is to lodge her heel at my rib and push.  Not a pleasant feeling! 

More later!


  1. What do you know, those are two of my baby's favorite things to do too! Sometimes I try and gently push her out of the way when she gets lodged in a particularly uncomfy spot.....but it just makes her push harder!

  2. YES! It's like they're saying, "No thanks, Mom! I'm exactly where I want to be - I'M comfy!!"