Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Lets see....

N. Umpqua Fishing Trip
We went fishing up the North Umpqua.  Trevor had never been fly fishing and got a bite on his very first cast.  The second cast he caught this fish:

And a few casts later he caught this fish:

He fished the remainder of the day, at three different spots along the river but didn't catch anything else.

Job Hunt
Trevor got the job with Metro West Ambulance in Hillsboro.  He has decided he is not going to work both jobs, so I have been packing our house.  We plan to put everything in storage except the essentials, and find something cheap to rent in Hillsboro or Beaverton until we can find something more permanant.  Right now, there is only one house on the Good Neighbor Next Door Program list and it would take Trevor over 40 minutes to get to work....  So, we wait.  So far, Trevor really likes the job, and LOVES getting EMERGENCY calls!  He will continue his current job through the end of the month, then is on the schedule for August with Metro West.

The baby has been moving around a lot.  Not many kicks but TONS of stretching and buldging.  Her heart beat was 140bpm (138bpm last month), and she is still measuring about two weeks ahead.  Her fingernails have reached the end of her fingers now, and it's possible for her to scratch herself... poor thing!  We have one more week until she is developed enough that we will try to save her if she is born early, but she really, really, needs to wait annother month and a half to have no problems.  She is about 17" long and weighs about 3.5lbs.

Here are some bump pictures:

30 Weeks

And I finally figured out how to set the self timmer on my camera, so these should be much clearer from now on!
31 Weeks

Here is the Belly Map from today:

And here is the interpretation of it:

If the interpretation is correct, she is Left Occiput Posterior.  She has flipped, but is not in the best position for birth.  There some exercises I will do to help her face backwards closer to birth.

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