Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 WEEKS!!!!!!!

WOW!  I cannot beleive it has been three weeks since I posted on here!  Time sure does fly when stuff's a happen'.

Lets see....

Briana's Graduation party went well, we had pizza and of course cake (dont worry I didn't eat the had High Fructose Corn Syrup - why does everything have to have that stuff in it?).  She got her quilt finally.  :) which she was pretty happy over...unfortunately, I forgot my camer and dont have any pictures of it finished to post.  Today is my Mom's Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!) so I'll be going over and will take a picture then.
We took a trip to Roseburg for Trevor's Job Hunt.  Eighty-one people were invited to take the Physical Agility Test, 60 showed up for it and only 30 passed.  Those 30, including Trevor, then went and took the Written Test, which Trevor did awesome on and now has an interview!  We also stopped at the Umpqua Dam.  Trevor had never been there and enjoyed seeing the fish!

We went to the lake this past weekend, and I ended up sewing a swim suit top because all the "Tankini" style ones are waaaaaay to short to cover the bump.  It worked well, but I think it will be too tight across my belly in about 3 weeks, so I'll have to make annother, or break down and pay $35 for a "Maternity" swim suit top.  Old Navy has them a little cheaper than that online, but I like to try things on and they're conveiniently NOT available in the store!  Ugh.  To the left is a picture of the ONLY fish Trevor has caught this summer.  Mom was also the first person to ski, but I only have a video and cant figure out how to put that on here (which I"m sure she doesn't mind!).

We went fishing the other day to Cottage Grove Lake.  Trevor caught Nothing.  He wasn't a very happy fisherman.  Plus the wind came up and blew the boat into shore after each cast.  Next time we think we'll go in the evening.  We know there are fish in there because we saw a huge dead bass.  It was huge.  And just floating there with its eyeballs all puffed out.  Yuck!  We finally left the lake, and got some very late lunch at Arby's where I had a Ruben (YUM), and we lucked out with the DMV being right across the parkinglot (Trevor needed a copy of his driving record for a job he's applying for).  Never again will I go to a Eugene or Springfield DMV.  I'll spend less time driving down to Cottage Grove, having our number called before we even have a chance to sit down, and driving back home, than I would if I just went to the DMV up here!  WOW!

Yesterday, we went to Hillsboro for an interview with an Ambulance Company.  They're hiring 1-6 of the six they interviewed...depending on who they like.  Trevor HATES Portland, and would be getting paid less if he takes the job, so I'm not sure what will happen with that.  However, it is EMERGENCY, which is the issue with where he's at now (not emergency), and he really wants emergency, so the draw to it is pretty strong.  He thinks he can continue to work where he is and drive up there to work that job too.  I dont want that because he already works 48 or 72 hours every week, add to that annother 40 hours in Hillsboro and 12-16 of driving every week and we will literally NEVER see each other.  I told him we could put everything in storage and get a studio apt. or something and just "stay" up there rather than "live" up there....  The traffic was pretty bad (I thought the closer you got to California the worse they drove, apparently, Portland is the exception), and the rodes are so close together we turned several times where the GPS told us to turn then it ended up being the wrong rode and had to "Recalculate" us with it's attitude it gets (both Trevor and I think it has an attitude with it says "Recalculating!"), didn't help that we ended up getting on the high way instead of taking the rode NEXT to the highway, where we proceeded to sit while we waited for the all the cars in front of us to get the green light to get off the on ramp and onto the high way...  I really dont like those things, but I think maybe River Road and Delta Highway in Eugene need them!  Might keep Beltline flowing a little better!

Baby Update:
And here's what you've all been waiting for!  :)

Our baby will start to vary now from the average as the average is just that.  A computation of all babies' statistics at this point in pregnancy, some weight less and/or are shorter, and some more and/or longer.  But, she now weighs about a little under 3lbs, and is nearly 17" long!  She'll continue to put on the pounds for about 7 more weeks (when she is more than welcome to come out), then she'll slow down considerably (and we try to wait with patience for her to come out).

She blinks her eyes, and can see lightness and darkness (I put my tummy in the sun while we were fishing and she squirmed all over the place!).  She knows my voice and most likely knows Trevor's voice.  Funny thing is, when we're (baby and I) are around other people, she hardly moves at all... maybe she is listening?!!??!  She is still giving Trevor a hard time.  Everytime I tell him she is moving so he can feel, she stops moving when he has his hand on my stomach, then as soon as he gives up, she starts moving again.  However, if he lays his head on my stomach, she has no problem kicking him in the face!  Poor Daddy!  He says it's ok, she wont be able to avoid him much longer, but I still feel bad for him.

Also, this past week I've been noticing some Braxton Hicks.  They're really strange.  I think I've been getting them for a while (you're supposed to start getting them some time in the 2nd semester, but some people dont notice them), but didn't realize that's what it was.  Some times my tummy just felt uncomfy and "tired."  Now that my tummy is bigger, I've noticed it gets very hard when it feels uncomfortable.  I've also noticed they go away much faster if I sit down and rub it.

Found the cord to connect my camer to the was in my camera case... so here's the bumb @ 29 Weeks!

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