Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today marks the start of week 26 and I thought I'd write something about what the baby has been up to.  We're going on four days of TONS of movement.  Before it would move alot and then have a day or two where it was pretty quiet.  However, it ALWAYS moves around in the morning.  I dont wake up from it (I wake up from starving to death), but the days I've been awake early, movement has gone from around 6:30 to about 9.  The last few days have been near constant movement all day long!  Maybe she's just running out of room and I feel all of them now?

Anyways, she now has nearly completely developed blue eyes, and they will open this week.  Her nails are growing, and the blood vessels in her lungs are beging to grow.  Alot of growing still left to do, but if she were born now, she'd have a 70% chance of making it....of course she'd be immobile with drool running down the side of her face for the rest of her life if we tried to save her, so she can just stay in there until atleast September 2nd, when it is safe for her to come out.  So far, no Braxton Hix contractions so atleast the baby and my body are in agreement that she should stay in there longer, however she has been measureing about 1-2 weeks ahead.  I'll start the Raspberry Leaf Tea in a couple of weeks though.

It looks like it has been a while since I've posted any Bump pictures so here ya go!
Almost 23 weeks... laying down.

About 24 weeks.

Almost 26 weeks.  FYI - That shirt is size LARGE!  And I'm having a terrible time finding maternity pants that fit.  Finally found those ones at Ross - they're super comfy, but the lack of a butt makes it so I have to pull them up quite a bit.  I was really hoping I'd get a butt out of this!
Same day - 26wks - laying down.

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