Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November To Do's UPDATE

Make Laundry Detergent - I now have everything I need except the Orange 5 Fold (Trader Joes does not sell essential Oils...  I thought they were kinda like Market of Choice, which sells that kind of stuff, but they're NOT!  Kinda like a ma and pop store....  I didn't like being in there... felt funny)
Make Dishwasher Detergent  - DONE!!!!!

Here's my recipe:  1/2 C salt, 1 C Mule Borax, 1 C Baking Soda, 2 packages unsweetened Lemon KoolAid, Mix well, use 1-2 TB/load (we have good water in Oregon... so that's all I've been using)

The dishes are coming out nice and clean!  And I love that there is no smell while they're washing.  But the BEST thing about it is - When I pour water in a glass there aren't bubbles!  Makes me think all the other detergent wasn't rinsing well and we'd been eating/drinking small quantites of it!  Gross... I think I'll stick to making my own!

Sew 1 diaper / business day to sell (22)  - hahaha  This is my goal every month, and it never happens... right now I have 27 waiting to sell.  I did make up a stack of inserts with my new serger though!  I LOVE it... makes me want a new sewing machine, but that will have to wait until after I aquire an embroidery machine.... 

Some of my new diaper fabric is here and the rest of it has been shipped. I ordered some Eco Bamboo Lining - it's a semi-stay-dry fabric made from bamboo/cotton and backed with polyester.  It is SO soft, I wish I had ordered more!  I also got some bamboo terry for soakers.  I'm going to sew up my "hours upon hours" worth of research and see how they fair.  It really helps if you pay attention to the people who manufacture the fabrics and do what they say!  I just hope the Eco Bamboo Lining holds up nicely!  I only have enough for six!

Will be making bibs soon (maybe this evening if Trevor plays COD again)....  went to get zippers today for the wet bags, but they weren't on sale so will have to do those another time.
Skirt for me - On hold until I find a better pattern.  The material I picked up is kinda Autumny - so I cant wait too long!
Zip Up Vest in 2T for Kamrynn  - going to try to copy one she already has.  I got out some of her 2T clothes already... her 18mos PJ's were getting too small.

Longsleeved shirt in 2T for Kamrynn - not started

Going to use THIS Tutorial, have materials

Shirt for me  - Found a shirt in my closet that I really like how it fits... constructing a pattern using the above tutorial.
Trevor a Travel Pillow  - Not sure how to make this... he wants it to wrap around the seatbelt...

Kamrynn Unders   - Decided not to make any more absorbent semi-waterproof undies for her because she's doing so well.  Need to make 3 overnight trainers and some actual underwear.

Feliz Party Dress - The forup I participate in for the diapers has a group of ladies called "Hot Seamstress Mama's" who are doing a "Sew-Along" for this dress.  They are INCREDIBLE!!!  AND I LOVE THEM!!!  So, I'm making Kamrynn a Christmas Feliz Part Dress.  I want to get her pictures taken in it, and she can wear it for Christmas Dinners.  I need to get going on it... most of the ladies are almost finished or finished with their dresses, and I want Kamrynn's pictures back in time to give out AT Christmas gatherings, so I need to get her in for her pictures!  We got the pattern book and fabrics today.  As soon as she's up from her nap, I'll get them washing so I'm not touching icky chemicals while I sew it!
PJ's - I'm going to make Kamrynn two pairs of PJ's using Butterick B4647 style B.  We found some snowman flannel that we both agreed on.  I really liked the frogs on ice skates but she kept shaking her head every time I showed it to her.  She wanted to hold the snowman so I took that to mean she wanted it.  The other pair will just be red flannel I got to make her a crib sheet, but never got around to.  I have the pattern all cut out.  I did the 1T size and lengthened it to the 2T size.

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