Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kamrynn Update: 1 Year!

No, she didn't try to touch it, just looked at it!
Wondering why everyone was staring at her!

Sucking all the frosting off the top.  (Cream Cheese Frosting)

yummy frosting!

What Kamrynn would look like as a man... ;)   
(frosting mustache!)

At one year, Kamrynn weighed about 21lbs, I dont remember how long she was... that will teach me for writing this almost a month late!  She was walking and we got her a first pair of "Walking Shoes."  She has "Running Shoes" in the next size up for when she starts that!  For now, I really like that she is walking.  It is much easier to go out to the car because she can walk.  And now, with her in a convertable carseat, I no longer have the bucket to put all my stuff in to carry to the car!

She still doesn't like confined to a shopping cart or stroller (tries to climb out, even strapped in), so I made a new baby carrier for her....  It is a Mei Tai and I LOVE it.  Super comfy and she can ride on my back at the grocery store!


  • waves Bye Bye and cries when Dada goes to work
  • has 8 teeth which she brushes with a tooth brush and water
  • goes potty on the big potty (we got tired of the Bjorn Little Potty, so we have an insert for the toilet) and waves bye bye when we flush it!
  • Loves Tacos, PBJ Sandwiches, LIME yogurt, Whole Grain Gold Fish, and All Natural Popcicles!
  • Helps unload the dishwasher by throwing the silverware on the ground!
  • Helps do the laundry by throwing the clean clothes I just folded on the ground!  She also hands me the wet clothes from the washer so I can put them in the dryer (THAT is actually helpful, even though she only give me one article of clothing at a time!)
  • Loves going outside, dirt, leaves, grass, and water!
  • Tries to pick up small animals (dogs/cats) and is nice to them... no more pinching or pulling fur!
  • Likes to send email on the computer (mama translates)
  • Wakes up once or twice a night to potty, and has dry diapers all night and naps!
  • Signs "num nums" (to nurse), all done/no more, dog, potty, more.  Working on Fish, Book, Mama, Dada, Grandmother, Grandfather, Cat, Banana, Eat, Hungry
  • Gives the sweetest little Kamrynn Hugs EVER!
Off to bed!  Here are a few more pictues!

Reading a Birthday Book

Daddy's idea of putting the baby to bed....

Playing at the river


What is this stuff?  I must taste!

Likes to ride in her new carseat!  Sunshine Kids "Radian XTSL"  One of the only carseats that will fit in my car (Ford Focus) Rear Facing.  (We're doing Extended Rear Facing to the maximum of the carseat, and this seat has higher maximums than any other seat available in the US)

At the coast!  Fishing Trip for our anniversary!

First Popsicle!

See my teeth!  Gotta brush those pearly whites!

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