Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catcher's Diaper Company

The diaper business is finally up and running.  It's been a very slow process.  I've done A LOT of research.  There are so many regulations to conform to when selling children's products!

I have a Website, which has answers to some diapering FAQ's, diaper sewing supplies,a section for custom orders, and a link to my Etsy Shop.  Most recently I started writing Blog posts!

Sewing diapers is a slow process.  Kamrynn requires a great deal of attention, so I can only "work" while she is sleeping, this limits me to about 4 hours a day, minus time I spend doing dishes, laundry, cooking, groceries, etc., and if we go somewhere for the day I don't get anything done!  My goal is five diapers a week, which I think has happened maybe once!  November I'm starting fresh with my goal!

Happy diapering!

PS:  Kamrynn is now in "Absorbent Panties," and only wet two pairs today, with some dribbles in the third pair!  I'm SO excited for her!

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