Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day at Our House

I've had many people express shock that Kamrynn sleeps through the night.  I really dont think it is anything we're doing, God just blessed us with a great little girl!  Anyway, here's what our day looks like:

8am - Kamrynn usually wakes around eight (occasionally she wakes around six to eat, and after feeding and changing, we reswaddle and place her back in her bed where she falls asleep very quickly), ready for the day!  I feed her, change her diaper and dress her.  Then I put her back in her bed, and wheel the whole thing into the bathroom where I shower.  She may or may not fuss, but if she does I just talk to her or we sing Old McDonald, and she is happy.  I try to eat some breakfast.  Kamrynn is usually happy in the mornings as long as you're interacting with her.

11am - Some time between ten and eleven, she becomes unpleasant and needs a nap.  Sometimes we really have to work at it to get her to sleep.

Noon - Wakes from nap to eat some lunch.  Goes back to sleep very easily.

3pm - Wakes  to eat and is happy for several more hours.

5pm - Becomes unpleasant if not interacting with her.

6pm - Dinner Time

7pm - nap

9pm - After the feeding closest to 9pm we start our bedtime routine.  We eat, take and play in the bath, put PJ's on, chatter for about 20 minutes.  As soon as we become unpleasant, we swaddle and place her in her bed.  She normally falls asleep within 10 minues without fussing.

If she stirs in the night enough to wake me up, I gently rest my hand on her or jiggle her until she stops moving about.  If I dont catch her in time and she comes unswaddled, I reswaddle her.

I let her fuss, but I dont let her cry.  I see no point in leaving her to cry all alone in her bed.  It is not her fault we dont undersand what she is trying to tell us... so I hold her and try to comfort her.  I change positions I'm holding her until something works.  Sometimes I can just talk her out of crying by smileing really big and talking super happy to her.

Kamrynn is a great baby!

First Swim Meet (Willamette Alumni Meet) - and she slept through it!


  1. Such a sweet little baby! Where did you find a blanket that works for swaddling? We do that too and it really works but she is outgrowing the blankets.

  2. My MIL owns a quilting business and gets oversised bolts of fabric and made us a bunch of flanel blankets... she is tarting to outgrow them though, so I ordered a Wombie from for $8 on sale that she cant get out of! I'm going to make a fleece and will send you one for the "Pay it Forward" thing if you want? I have to find 5 people to send something hand made to in 2011. Message me your address on FB if you want!

  3. Soon after I wrote this blog, Kamrynn stopped sleeping through the night. I got about 6hours of very interrupted sleep last night.... Major UGH!