Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disposable Diapers

Although we are going to cloth diaper, it does not save money to cloth diaper a newborn unless I wanted to do the old fashioned prefolds with plastic pants and safety pins (or now days, a thing called a "Snappy").

My mom gave me a bunch of coupons for dispoasable diapers.  I proceeded to Wal*Mart with the intention of purchasing enough Newborn sized diapers to get through the first month, at which time baby should fit into the cloth diapers.  I got out my calculator and began to calculate which package of diapers was least expensive per diaper with the coupons.  Turns out, it was about $0.20/diaper!  Of course these were Huggies and Pampers, so I'm not sure about the store brand, but $0.20/diaper!  To catch POOP and be thrown away! 

Lets do some calculations:
$0.20/diaper X 10-12 diapers/day=$2-$2.40/day X 7 days/week= $14-16.80/week X 4 weeks/month= $56-$67.20/month
Good thing that's only for one month!

I did not buy any diapers.  Not because of the price (I cant cloth diaper a newborn for less than that), but because they were out of the kind I wanted:  Huggies Pure and Natural and Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive (Staying away from anything with DryMax and it has been causing rashes).

I did buy some Huggies Natural Care Wipes though (with coupon), enough to last through the first month.  Then I'll probably go with cloth wipes too because I was suprised how much wipes cost!  Who would have thought!

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