Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kamrynn Update: 9 Months!

Time is flying!  I cannot beleive Kamrynn is nine months already!  She has grown and changed so much, so quickly!  At nine months, she weighs 21 pounds and is 29.5" tall and has four teeth (two new ones on top, and two on the bottom).

New Top Teeth

Kamrynn loves to have a finger in each hand and RUN around the house.  There is not walking for these feet... she moves them as fast as can be!  She is also becoming quite the crawler... she not only crawls on flat surfaces, but over boxes I used to baracade her out of my sewing area, and on her daddy's new gun case.  The gun case is her favorite.  When laying on the ground, it sits about 6 inches off the ground, and she like to climb up and sit on top... usually falling off backwards and having Dada catch her.  :)  She also loves to climb up and down the stairs at Gama and Papa's house.  I have a LONG video, when I get some spare time, I'll edit it down and post it.

New foods Kamrynn likes include, raspberries, watermelon, cheese, plain yogurt (w/blackberries), steak, stuffed mushrooms (she had already had mushrooms, but apparently they're better stuffed), triscuts, and scrambled eggs.  She gobbles up almost everything I put in front of her!

Stuffed Mushroom
Cantelope - I have to cut bigger chunks now.....
Spaghetti - the all time favorite!

Kamrynn has been learning sign language since she was about 5 months old and is starting to sign.  Currently, she can sign "milk," "more" (she claps her hands), and today signed "potty" correctly (she had just been shaking her hand, but today she put her thumb under her finger)!  She didn't potty when I took her, she had already gone, but that's OK!

We are all finally starting to sleep better.  Kamrynn only woke once at 3:30 last night.  I changed her, offered the potty, then nursed and put her back in her bed wide awake.  She woke me up, happily jabbering away, a little after seven.  I was incredibly tired of being up every hour or so all night and up for the day at 4:30AM, SO, Kamrynn went on a schedule that includeds Plenty of sleep!  The schedule starts at night and is as follows:

8:30pm - Bath time, Potty, lotion/massage, songs & PJ's, prayer, nursing until drowsy. 
9pm - ASLEEP - she MUST be asleep by this time or I leave the room for 60 seconds come back and do more nursing until drowsy.
8AM - Wild Wake-up, Potty, Nurse- Anytime she wakes up before 8am we change diaper and nurse until drowsy, any time after 8am we throw open the curtains and act all excited that it is time to get up, potty and nurse.  Then we have some breakfast and shower and go through a modified bed time routine getting ready for our nap.
10AM - Nap Time - Whatever time we get up for the day, she must be ASLEEP no more than two hours later for her morning nap.
NOON - Wild Wake-Up, potty, nurse - then we have lunch, then either have play time or we run erands.
3pm - Nap Time - no more than three hourse after wakeup from morning nap.
5pm - Wild Wake-up, potty, nurse, fix dinner/eat, nurse (for some reason, she likes to nurse before and after meals), then play time
5:30 - Optional Nap Time (If she didn't sleep for 2 hours in the morning and atleast 1.5 hours in the afternoon, she takes a 45 minute nap)

The schedule has been modified from "The Sleep Lady."  The Sleep Lady has babies going to bed and getting up at 7pm and 7am.  For Kamrynn's age, she should be getting 11-12hrs of sleep at night and taking one 2hr. nap and one 1.5hr. nap.  Currently, Kamrynn is getting about 10.5hrs. at night and taking two 2hr. naps.

Here are some super cute pictures of my cutie!

Her "I'm gonna get you" face.  :)

Up to no good.... she's knows she's not to touch the fan!

Fishing with Dada

Driving Papa's boat in the driveway!  Cant wait for the lake!

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  1. She is just way too cute!!! It's fun that she and kylea are the same age because i can totally relate to those new the climbing! When did our tiny little infants turn into wild monkeys?! ;) I'm glad she is sleeping better for you too!