Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The pediatrician recommended starting some solids at the 4 month appointment.  We were to start with Avocado, then Green Beans, and Banana, for 5 days each prior to introducing the next food.  Instead of doing commercially processed baby food, we're doing Baby Led Solids.  Baby Led Solids means we go at Kamrynn's pace, and she eats the same foods that we are eating, but Kamrynn sized portions.  We do not feed her, she feeds herself.  Anything she cant put in her mouth on her own, she isn't ready to eat.  We make it easier for her by offering food that is "french fry" size and shape.  However, we do not eat very infant friendly foods, so I wanted to be gentle on her system, and give her the "easier" foods for her tummy at first.
Here are some pictures:
That is her pig.  We played in the highchair to become friends with it for about a week before we started.  Even though she has become friends with her carseat and no longer cries as soon as we put her in it, she wasn't friends with her high chair.

Happy after smearing avocado everywhere.  All over the high chair, her belly button and even up her nose!  She seems to love Avocado!

The green beans didn't go well, we had a rash later that night, so we're skipping them and moved on to banana.  She's not sure what to think of banana.  Avocado is still the favorite.  After banana, we tried a bag of frozen peas to help the painful teething process:

Bag of Peas Teether from Auntie Nanners!

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